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  Ethyl Monoethanolamine

DESCRIPTION: EMEA is a clear, colourless to pale yellow liquid with an amine-like odor. It is completely miscible with water and many other organic solvents.

Chemical Name: N-Ethyl Monoethanolamine.


2-Ethylaminoethanol, 2-(N-Ethylamino)ethanol, (2-Hydroxyethyl)ethylamine.

CAS Number : 110 – 73 – 6


Appearance : Clear,Colourless Liquid
Colour : 25 APHA max.
Moisture : 0.5% max.
Purity ( GC ) : 99 % min.
Distillation Range : 160 0C – 170 0C

Method of analysis

Method of analysis are available upon request.


The solubility at 20°C is as follows: Water soluble


Intermediate used in the production of : Pharmaceuticals. It is also used in microelectronics.
Also used in preparation of coatings, detergents, Functional fluids & Oil additives.

Handling and Storage:


General advice:
Protect from fire,static discharges,acids, and acid-forming substances. Always refer to the MSDS for detailed information on handling and disposal.

Storage Store in a cool place away from direct heat and sunlight.
General advice: Keep container tightly closed.
Storage incompatibility:
General: Segregate from acids and acid forming substances.
Storage stability:
Storage temperature: 20 °C
Storage duration: 12 Months
Substance/product darkens as it ages.

Further Information

For further information, technical service and samples, please contact our nearest Laffans Sales office or agent/distributor.

                                                                                               Issued: 2007-01-01

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