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  Agrochemical Emulsifiers


The emulsifier blends are tailormade according to the customer's requirements. The emulsifier blends have to be adjusted based on the customer specifications and the solvents being used. A number of companies have taken LPL's technical help for development of emulsifiers for the new technicals they were trying to introduce to the market. Laffans petrochemicals is manufacturing high quality emulsifier blends for various technical's and supplying to a number of reputed agrochemical companies.

Currently Laffans is supplying emulsfier blends for following technicals:

Quinolfos, Chlorpyrifos, Cypermethrin, Fenvalerate, Dimethoate, Endosulfan, Ethion, Profenofos, Butachlor etc.

Besides the above list of technicals, Laffans has ready emulsifier blends for most of the existing technicals. For your requirements Contact us.

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