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Cetrostearyl Alcohol(APO Free)

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Laffonics AT types are nonionic Ethoxylates. They are alkyl polyethylene glycol ethers made from a saturated, linear C16-C18 fatty alcohol (Cetrostearyl Alcohol). They are nonionic Ethoxylates for detergents and cleaners and for the chemical and allied industries.

Laffonics AT types are manufactured by causing the fatty alcohol to react with ethylene oxide in stoichiometric proportions. The ethoxylation temperature is kept as low as possible. This combined with high purity feedstocks, ensures that a high performance product with low toxicity is obtained.

Laffonics AT 11 and Laffonics 80E are colourless or slightly yellowish waxy cast solids.

Laffonics AT 25, AT 50 and AT 80 are colourless or slightly yellowish powders of very fine mesh.

Laffonics AT types have high detergency and high solid dispersing capacity. They are mainly used in household, Industrial and institutional detergent and cleaners. They also have high wetting power in water and polar solvents.

Cetamacragol 1000

It is commonly known as CM1000. It is a good emulsifier and is very mild. Therefore it is used in pharmaceutical formulations.


Product name
pH (1% aq)
Acid Value mg KOH/g
Hydroxyl Value
mg KOH/gm

Laffonics CM 1000

White to creamy flakes
5.5 - 7.5
46 -50
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