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  Hydroxy Ethyl Morpholine

DESCRIPTION: Hydroxyethylmorpholine is a clear, colourless liquid with an amine-like odor. It is completely miscible with water and many other organic solvents .

Chemical Name: 4-(2-hydroxyethyl) MORPHOLINE


N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)morpholine, 4-(2-Hydroxyethyl)morpholine & 4-Morpholineethanol

CAS Number : 622 – 40 – 2


Appearance : Clear , Colourless Liquid
Colour : 50 APHA max.
Moisture : 0.5% max.
Purity ( GC ) : 99 % min.
Distillation Range : 220 °C – 228 °C

Method of analysis

Method of analysis are available upon request.


The solubility at 20°C is as follows: Water soluble


It is used in manufacturing drugs such as calcium antagonist to treat irritable bowel syndrome and irritable respiratory tract.Examples are pinaverium and pholcodine. Also used in the manufacture of Mycophenolate Mofetil . HEM is also used in the field of textiles , optical brighteners & paint industry .

Handling and Storage:


General advice:
Substances to avoid
: acids, isocyanates, oxidizing agent
Hazardous reactions: The product is chemically stable.
Corrosion to metals: No corrosive effect on metal
Protection against fire and explosion:
Suitable extinguishing media: water fog, foam, dry extinguishing media . Firefighters should be equipped with self-contained breathing apparatus and turn-out gear.


General advice: Keep container tightly closed.
Storage incompatibility:
General: Segregate from acids and acid forming substances.
Storage stability:
Storage temperature: 20 °C
Storage duration: 18 Months
Substance/product darkens as it ages.

Further Information

For further information, technical service and samples, please contact our nearest Laffans Sales office or agent/distributor.

                                                                                               Issued: 2007-01-01

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