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  Mixed Ethers
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Laffans Solvent TGL (super)

Laffans petrochemicals limited offers technical grade of "Mixed Ethers" under the trade name LAFFANS SOLVENT TGL (SUPER). LAFFANS SOLVENT TGL (SUPER) finds wide application in industry. It is a solvent with very slow evaporation rate and freely soluble in water. It increases the solubility of water-soluble dyes and solvent soluble dyes due to its solvent character.

Properties: -

Appearance : colourless to pale yellow tinged liquid.
Moisture : 2% Maximum.
Acidity : Neutral to slightly acidic
Solubility : Soluble in water in all proportion
Boiling Range : 220 - 320 Deg. C.
Flash Point : Above 180 Deg. F.
Freezing Point : Below 10 Deg. C.
Caution : The product is inflammable and must be stored or handled away from heat or naked flame

Application: -

LAFFANS SOLVENT TGL (SUPER) is today used in textile dyeing printing as a solvent. It is used as an intermediate in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins and polyols for the polyurethane's, lubricant in textile industry. It is also used in antifreeze, in plastizier and Ethoxylates mixtures.
LAFFANS SOLVENT TGL (SUPER) is used in steam setting ink. It is used here as a vehicle for the resin and pigments which are the essential raw materials of steam set inks





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