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  Mono Methylethanolamine
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MonoMethylethanolamine (MMEA) is a clear, colorless liquid with an ammoniacal odor. It is miscible with water, alcohols, ethers, and aromatic solvents. Since it contains both a secondary amine group and a hydroxyl group, it undergoes reactions typical of both amines and alcohols.

Mol. Wt: 75.1



2-Methylaminoethanol,MMEA, Methylethanolamin,
 (2-Hydroxyethyl)methylamin,2(Methylamino)ethanol, Methyl Hydroxyethyl Amine

CAS Number : 109 – 83 - 1


Appearance at 25°C:    Clear Viscous Liquid
Color:                             Colorless to Pale Yellow
% Water                           0.2 Max.
% Purity                           99.0 Min

Method of analysis

Methods of analysis are available upon request.

Typical Data

Chemical and Physical data Typical values

Specific Gravity, 20/20 ºC           0.935 – 0.938
Flash point °C                              About 71 


The solubility at 20°C is as follows:
Water soluble


Monomethylethanolamine is largely used as an intermediate in the manufacture of antihistamines such as diphenhydramine hydrochloride or for local anesthetics. It is also used in a number of cathodic electrodeposition coating systems. As a secondary amine, MMEA is used to chain-extend high MW polyepoxides.

MMEA also has applications in textile treating.

MMEA is used as a brightening agent in the dyeing of polyester/cotton blends. Mixtures of MMEA, dimethylethanolamine and methyldiethanaolmine salts of long-chain alkyl phosphates form antistatic agents for non-cellulosic, hydrophobic textile materials.

MMEA can be reacted with methylmethacrylates to form the polyimid. Polymers produced from the methacrylates are useful as antistatic agents, soil conditioners, electrically conducting materials, paper auxiliaries and flocculating agents.

Other suggested uses are textile softeners, Ph control, and epoxy curing agents and photographic image developing.

Handling and Storage:

In order to maintain the high degree of purity with which MMEA is manufactured and shipped, the following storage and handling considerations are recommended:

Dry Inert Gas Blanket: This product should be stored under a dry inert gas blanket such as nitrogen to minimize contamination resulting from contact with air and water.

Materials of Construction: Clean carbon steel is satisfactory as a material of construction for storage tanks and transfer systems, provided adequate precautions are observed to guard against rust contamination. In those cases where additional precautions are needed to preserve low color, stainless steel or aluminum should be used.Aluminum should not be used at elevated temperatures.Copper or alloys containing copper should be avoided. Carbon steel centrifugal pumps are satisfactory.Polypropylene or Teflon is the recommended gasket material. Nitriles such as Buna N or Viton should be avoided.

Storage Temperature: MMEA freezes at approximately 24°F and may need heating unless stored inside.

Spills or Leaks: Eliminate all sources of ignition in case of spills or leaks. Spills should be removed by absorbent materials or by contained water washing.

Further Information

For further information, technical service and samples, please contact our nearest Laffans Sales office or agent/distributor.

The specifications & properties listed above are for products manufactured in India.

                                                                                               Issued: 2007-01-01

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