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LAFFANS Petrochemicals Limited ((an ISO 9001 - 2000Company) set up in 1994 to manufacture ethylene oxide derivatives such as Ethoxylates, Propoxylates, Glycol Ethers, Acetates, Ethanol Amine, and Brake fluids was located in Ankleshwar, Gujarat..

The plant set up under technical assistance of Reliance Industries Ltd is in proximity to E.O supply from Reliance, Hazira. This ensures uninterrupted supply of its basic feedstock which cannot be imported due to its hazardous nature. The unit had commissioned India's largest loop reactor with state - of the - art - controlled system from ROSE MOUNT for consistent quality, This ensures a faster reaction rate and minimum residence time of un reacted EO, which results in high purity ethoxylates with low color, odor and aldehides. The minimum free EO and Dioxane content eliminates interface in the subsequent application.

This multipurpose unit geared to produce Polyethylene Glycols and EO condensates of Alkyl Phenols, Fatty Alcohols, Fatty Acids and Natural Oils also manufacture Esters of stearates & oleates, Ethoxylates , Glycol Ethers , Ethanol Amines. The unit was acquired by Global leader Huntsman Corporation in first quarter of 2011.


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